Know Us


 Hey Girls!!!!!

This store is just for you. We want to make you happy with our Products here in our store. We want to give you the best quality because you are princess and you deserve it. This store is not just a Doll Store But, we have many surprises coming for you in the nearer future.

Emilycious brand is run by a girl keeping all our dear princesses in mind to bring out something new which is not existing else where to make you feel unique and special. We’re an all female run company on a mission to provide you with not only with the highest quality products in the market, but we want to empower you to feel confident and to love yourself unconditionally with these special gifts we offer in our store (Outfits, Shoes, Toys, Accessories).

Thank you for trusting our brand, we are here to serve you and to honor you. If you need any help on your journey, please feel free to reach to us for support.